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2 Important Reasons To Hire Commercial Cleaning In Louisiana

You wouldn’t hire an employee you can’t trust, so why would you want your cleaners to be any different? We know that who’s on your team matters—and your commercial cleaning specialist in Louisiana is no exception! At Momentum Building Services, our skillful and dependable team will make your business shine! Our team works fast, friendly, and professionally so YOUR team can do their best work.


A Clean Building Is A Welcoming Building

A clean workplace makes your company much more appealing to potential clients or employees. Doors, tables, and windows can become filthy before you even realize it. You’ve worked hard to make your office look awesome. So don’t let filth and grime cover it all up!

When the problem lies deeper than surface dirt, what do you do? Your floors endure scratches and marks every day. If these scuffs can’t be mopped up, your floor can soon become an eyesore. Unfortunately, blemished floors are often the first thing a potential new client or even a potential new hire notices when they enter your building. We offer expert floor treatments—including stripping and waxing hard floors and carpet care. Momentum Building Services has the tools to make your floors sparkle!


Keeping You, Your Employees, And Your Guests Safe

As expert cleaners, we won’t only make your office look nice—we’ll make it safe! We offer COVID-19 sanitizing services for a variety of job sites plus our janitorial services. After all, the recent spread of COVID-19 has shown us that harmful viruses can travel very fast. 

In fact, within two to four hours, a virus can spread to up to 60% of your office. What was only one person on sick leave could soon become half your employees. That’s why frequent cleaning is essential to the health of your employees and guests, even during non-pandemic times! And basic hygiene practices won’t cut it. Areas such as reception, conference rooms, kitchens, break rooms, and—the worst of all—bathrooms are teeming with germs. Our commercial cleaning services in Louisiana can sanitize these areas every day.

It’s a lot of cleaning to remember. And to the untrained eye, it’s easy to miss spots. Not to mention, how much time that can take from your day (which eventually will cost you productivity and money). When you sign up for our janitorial services, you can trust us to effectively sanitize your whole office. 


Cleaning Around Your Schedule

Whatever your office schedule is, our team will work to meet your expectations. We understand you and your employees have a business to focus on. So, we’ll clean and sanitize whenever it works best for you and your business. We can clean your office based on YOUR needs. We take pride in our work, so you can rely on us to arrive on time and get the job done right.


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At the end of the workday, you need a commercial cleaning service in Louisiana that you can trust to keep your employees and clients healthy. At Momentum Building Services, you can rely on us for our focus on quality, consistency, and customer service. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote and experience the Momentum difference for yourself!