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5 Reasons Why Your Construction Site Needs Daily Cleanup

  1. Health
  2. Safety
  3. Easier cleanup later on when project is over
  4. Productivity
  5. Professionalism

On construction sites, good housekeeping refers to the practice of keeping your site clean and tidy. A tidy work area reduces the risk of accidents and increases fire safety.


Unlike standard janitorial services, construction cleanup requires attention to every surface. From drywall dust to large sawdust and paint-splatter, there’s a wide range of services to implement.


Keep in mind that initial steps involve removing debris before getting down to surface cleaning. Due to the nature of drywall dust, literally every surface has to be considered: walls, light fixtures, and window frames and sills. In some cases, even ceiling surfaces demand cleaning. It can be a massive job.

Construction Clean

Our Construction Cleaning Teams are a special division of Momentum Building Services. These highly trained groups of people are experienced in effective janitorial methods and also hold credentials such as TWIC, OSHA Basics, plantwide site specifics, Certified Forklift Operators, Certified Scissor Lift Operators, High Speed Ride-On Auto scrub Operators, and much more.


This Team works with your Planners at any phase of your project to ensure that operations are seamless.


From estimating costs, projecting production rates, submitting safety plans and organizing kickoff meetings, we are ready to keep your construction project on-time, safe and turn-key ready for final inspection of your client.


We can develop programs with your team to address pre-planning construction cost and post-construction cleanup needs.


Whether it is commercial or residential, big or small, construction is a messy industry. Each site has its share of debris, dust, toxic byproducts and other waste that can not only get in the way, but act as a health and safety risk.


With that in mind, a clean, clear construction site should be on the top of the list for any company. It will help reduce the likelihood of injuries or illnesses – and workers’ compensation insurance claims – as well as contribute to a number of other positive trends on the job.


Here is why a clean construction site is so important, and a few tips to keep things neat and tidy:

construction site

Cleanliness contributes to productivity

Nearly all construction jobs are up against a deadline. While cutting corners is not only frowned upon, but also dangerous, there are other ways to improve productivity and keep things on track.


One of those methods is cleanliness. Consider a cluttered, messy and debris-filled work site. Few people will be able to navigate this environment, let alone find the tools and materials needed to complete the task at hand. Instead, employers must ensure that each day ends with cleanup. This will improve overall safety and help productivity.


Everyone will know where items are stored, and they’ll be able to focus on their jobs, not dodging trash and other hazards.

Cleanliness improves appearances

In addition to health, safety and productivity benefits, a clean construction site will be a much better look for any company. For example, a client coming through to inspect the progress will be much happier to see a neat, tidy work site than one full of clutter and debris.


Most importantly, a clean site will reflect the professionalism of the construction company.

Focus on cleanliness each day

In order to keep a construction site clean, every employee must be on board with these efforts. This means removing personal trash immediately and clearing up specific areas at the end of the day.


Cleaning should be completed on a regular basis. Managers can oversee this part of the job, as well as offer solutions and recommendations for best cleaning practices. When starting a new project, employees should be asked about resources they need to perform their jobs and keep everything clean. They can suggest ideal areas for dumpsters and trash cans, including other ideas that will streamline this process.


Overall, cleanliness should be important for every construction firm, so health, safety and productivity are never impaired.

We know how much work goes into keeping a construction site clean and our teams are prepared to handle the task. At Momentum Building Services, we will work with you to ensure the best cleaning service during and after a construction project. We will tailor your cleaning service to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our customized cleaning services for your construction project and email us at or call us at (225)-402-0160.