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The Baton Rouge emergency scenarios in which your best option is a janitorial cleaning service

Baton Rouge isn’t a stranger to weather. Let’s imagine:


Your building is 170,000 square feet of tiled floor and carpet and a Category 4 hurricane has decided to visit its hallways during the opening school weekend. The school’s janitorial cleaning services are ill-equipped. Mold and structural damage might be an issue. The entire county is watching to see what the administration will do for their children.


This is one version of a real-world emergency scenario that can cause extensive damage to a commercial, school, or medical building. Student services, patient care, and office workflow – all can grind to a halt. As a manager or superintendent – whatever your role – staying informed can prepare you for when you might need to call upon janitorial cleaning services and what exactly an elite office cleaning service can do to efficiently handle your emergency.

Janitorial cleaning services for a post-hurricane clean-up

Baton Rouge experienced this recently in 2021 with Hurricane Ida. Many communities came together to assist in regional cleanup. Cleaning a personal residence is one matter – cleaning an industrial petrochemical plant requires a whole different skill set.


A commercial janitorial service competent to perform in hazardous environments will first-off carry a staff with extensive training. Their staff is OSHA-certified, meaning they’re educated and aware of stringent workplace safety protocols. A top-shelf janitorial cleaning staff is certified by the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJSCA). IJSCA-certification means the crew you hire to assess and clean oil, medical waste, hazardous chemicals – they practice a standard of safety that prevents cross-contamination, spread of bloodborne pathogens, and a level of public accountability among their peers.


After a hurricane, your building might have limbs on the roof or flooding in the halls. An experienced janitorial cleaning service in Baton Rouge is familiar with this landscape. They’ll have building inspectors who communicate with the building managers to assess the damage, create a clean-up strategy, and complete it in the proposed timeline. The IJSCA offers certifications for different commercial cleaning services, and the best companies will carry niche certifications in baseline necessities like “Biohazard”, “Green Cleaning”, and “Mold Inspection”.

post hurricane cleanup

Baton Rouge cleaning services for incidences of vandalism

A vandalism incident might leave a lobby full of broken glass from a reckless brick, like the Wingstop in Baton Rouge on Florida Boulevard in April of 2022. It might be a student who ran down the hallway with a permanent marker pressed against the wall. What both of these situations share is that the damage requires a time-sensitive response, and the clean-up task is tedious.


The janitorial cleaning services capable of resolving these situations are judged by their surface-cleaning capabilities. An elite commercial cleaning service can do floor stripping, sealing, waxing, and buffing. They’re trained in luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or vinyl composite tile (VCT). Their staff is certified in high-speed burnishing and navigating high-traffic routes that bear visible scarring and scuff marks.


Counter to hard-surface clean-up, maybe the issue is bodily fluids soaked into carpet. The best office cleaning services in Baton Rouge have the ability to assess and restore glue-down industrial carpet, padded carpet, all the way down to the curtains.

The janitorial cleaning services adept at post-construction clean-up

Your office just completed its long-awaited renovation. You inspect it and find a mess. Now you’ve got 150 employees coming back to work – or 600 students – and the halls are coated with dust and pieces of debris. The floors are scuffed from work boots and industrial tools. The construction crew did a shoddy clean-up job – it’s imperative that your janitorial cleaning service doesn’t.


In a construction clean-up emergency, how do you judge the best cleaning company in Baton Rouge? Check out the credentials.


A service of high standard requires its staff to have building safety certifications from the OSHA Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate Program in niche categories like maritime, general industry, and construction. These trained specialists have also earned certifications as forklift operators, scissor-lift operators, and high-speed ride-on auto-scrub operators. Basically, they have the knowledge necessary to operate the machinery for an efficient heavy-duty clean-up.


An above-and-beyond janitorial cleaning service will provide you with accurate cost estimation, safety plans, and organized pre-cleanup meetings where the company communicates exactly what they will restore on your property and how they’re going to do it.

post construction cleanup

Knowing the best cleaning services in Baton Rouge means simply being prepared

Developing a measured, calm response in a high-stress time of emergency is often as straightforward as staying informed on what to look for in a team of true experts, and you can determine who’s earned the trust of that emergency call.


Momentum Building Services of Baton Rouge has all the qualities detailed above that make up a high-performance janitorial cleaning service. We offer janitorial cleaning services, construction clean-up, and floor care cleaning packages that are tailored to the exact needs of your company, whether it’s a one-time clean or an ongoing contract.


The team at Momentum Building Services commits to dedicated ongoing training and represents the top minds of our industry. We share the customer’s value towards safety, quality, and efficiency, and integrate these concepts into every aspect of our work. Contact us at our Prairieville home base at 225-402-0160 or email us at to learn how we can provide a custom-tailored cleaning service for your business or school.