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Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service

Your business and the building your business is in are a reflection of you. For your employees, it’s where they spend most of their time during the day. The appearance of offices and other similar workplaces give an impression of professionalism. Many office buildings, schools, and hospitals have visitors daily. The cleanliness of the facility matters to the staff and visitors and is crucial for their health and comfort.


A professional cleaning service will help keep your workplace clean, safe, and where people want to work. Problems can arise if a building is not well maintained and cleaned regularly. For example, germs can be spread when surfaces are not cleaned properly by staff that is not trained on sanitization procedures. Also, a cleaning crew will be the first to notice if there is any damage around the building or infestations like insects, rodents, or mold and mildew.

Higher Productivity in Employees

Offices, schools, and hospitals are busy workplaces. When people work in clean spaces, they can better focus on their tasks. A professional cleaning service will take care of the daily chores efficiently and systematically. If cleaning tasks are left undone, it can lead to employees spending their work time doing those tasks to make their offices, classrooms, and public spaces look nice. If you’ve been in a dirty workplace before, you will know how distracting dust bunnies can be. It can be hard to concentrate on work when the floor is littered with trash or dirt was tracked in. Sometimes, carpets can even shed bits of fiber, creating more of a mess. Regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are necessary to keep up with business.

Momentum Building Services Baton Rouge LA - Professional Cleaning Service

Less Sick Days and Stop The Spread of Germs

When surfaces aren’t cleaned daily in a workplace, people are much more likely to get sick. Not only are people out ill more often, but they also will spread the illness to their co-workers. A professional cleaning crew can keep surfaces clean and help stop the spread of germs. Staff can do some of the daily cleanings, like wiping down door handles and sanitizing desks. However, they may already have a lot to do during the work day. Janitorial staff that comes regularly are trained well and certified, making all the difference in keeping people healthy.

Happy and Healthy People Make Positive First Impressions

Healthy people are happy people, and when a building is full of happy people, it gives off a great impression to customers and visitors. A clean facility smells fresh and will create a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Windows that are streak free and clean from fingerprints and dirt will let in more natural light, which also makes people more happy and healthy. A cleaning crew coming into a workplace can be wonderful if they are professional and thorough. A team coming into a building that can give a quality service will make everyone feel confident they are working in the best conditions possible.

Less Cost in the Long Run

Hiring a professional cleaning service to do regular cleanings can save money in the long run. A big part of cleaning is to gather all the dust and dirt and remove it from the floors, carpets, and surfaces. Not only does a cleaning team get rid of germs, but they also get rid of dust. The air filters and air ducts constantly filter out dust and transport it outside the building. However, they can get clogged over time, and it will take a professional to clean them. In addition, duct cleaning will cost money, and replacing air filters costs even more.

Momentum Building Services Baton Rouge LA - Professional Cleaning Service

Better Air Quality with Quality Cleaners

As far as air ducts go, cleaner ones are better for breathing and an overall work environment. Less dust, hair, and debris from the air ducts will help keep them more hygienic for longer. A cleaning team can remove most of the dust and dirt weekly, which will help keep the air ducts clear. If you think about the air ducts as being the lungs of the building, you’ll understand why it’s essential to keep them clean. Regular duct cleanings result in better air quality. Good air helps employees with asthma, allergies, or weak immune systems.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Corporate, Industrial, Healthcare, and Educational Buildings

If your business already has a cleaning service, it may be time to reevaluate its effectiveness. Do they work quickly? Are they professional? Is their schedule reliable? These are essential factors to consider when hiring a cleaning service. Suppose your current cleaning service does not live up to your standards. It’s time to change. A quality cleaning can make a big difference in your business and the people you work with.

A quality cleaning service will have experience, like Momentum Building Services. Whatever your business needs, they can create a package for you and your needs. Our janitorial services, floor care, and construction cleaning teams are available anytime. No matter your industry, we’re trained, experienced, and ready to partner with you and your team.

Our commercial cleaning services are familiar to corporate, industrial, healthcare, and educational settings. You can find us in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette. We can also provide COVID-19 sanitizing services to keep your essential employees safe. Request a free quote today!