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Does Your Business Need Coronavirus Cleaning?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re thankful for those businesses and industries that are working around the clock to keep us fed, supplied, and healthy. If your business is in any way essential, you need to provide the safest environment possible for your employees. And a safe environment, especially now, begins with proper sanitation. Look into the coronavirus cleaning New Orleans trusts to keep their essential businesses clean.


Essential Cleaning Services For Louisiana 

During a time of so much uncertainty, it is important to act. Be proactive and take control of your business’s space! With Momentum’s coronavirus cleaning procedures, we’re here to provide full janitorial services or add additional coverage to your current sanitation program. It is our main goal to protect your employees from potentially contaminated workspaces. We accomplish this through the following ways:

  • Deploying trained teams with the necessary equipment and cleaning agents to disinfect common areas of the facility.
  • Utilizing a decontamination staging area to prepare themselves and their equipment.
  • Preventing propagation of the virus from employees who may be infected from outside sources.
  • Providing additional cleaning and disinfectant materials to customers.
  • Deeply cleaning high-traffic locations with approved EPA chemicals.
  • Paying special attention to frequently touched items such as door handles and elevator buttons.

Additionally, the team will be outfitted in the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform the job. Our sanitation team will be split into appropriate sizes in order to deploy the cleaning agents throughout the agreed-upon locations of the facility.

We provide a plan and scope of work to every customer. Each coronavirus cleaning plan is tailored to your business’s and your building’s specific needs. However, every plan always includes:

  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Timeline
  • Production Rate (we can clean approximately 10,000-15,000 square feet per hour) 
  • Facility Map (to ensure all areas get cleaned) 

We Stay Safe To Keep You Safe

As part of our coronavirus cleaning efforts, our team has implemented enhanced procedures to help prevent the virus from spreading. These efforts include requiring employees to stay home if they have any signs of fever or respiratory symptoms. Additionally, all job site personnel undergo additional health screenings and must follow specific instructions to keep themselves and their equipment clean. While on the job, we all wear heavy-duty protective suits, latex gloves, eye protection, and full face shields if necessary. Keeping everyone healthy is the goal.


Coronavirus Cleaning For New Orleans, Lafayette, And Baton Rouge

Whether you’re in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Lafayette, Momentum Building Services can help your business with coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting. Additionally, we can help with regular janitorial services, food care, and construction cleaning for a variety of industries and fields. We can tailor your cleaning packages to fit your needs—you can choose how often and what is included. From daily porter services to one-off deep cleans. Contact us today at 225-402-0160 or if you have any questions about our process. Remember: we’re all in this together!