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Amid growing concerns about the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19, Momentum Building Services is available to partner with your business’s current effort to keep employees and customers safe in this unprecedented time. 


Our sanitation teams have extensive training and utilize hospital-grade disinfectants, UV-light germicidal, and disinfectant foggers to provide service to medical facilities, educational facilities, commercial businesses, and industrial operating sites facing this outbreak emergency. 


Momentum Building Services can provide full janitorial services or add additional coverage to your current sanitation program. 

Momentum Building Services are here for YOU

We understand that these are scary times, and we're here to help in the best ways we can.


Momentum Building Services is committed to assisting you and protecting your most valuable resource: YOUR PEOPLE. 


Our team leverages technology and real-world experience to provide proven and consistent janitorial and decontamination services. Momentum can provide a variety of options depending on the current needs of the business. Through the use of EPA-approved chemicals, specialized equipment, and proven management practices, Momentum builds a plan to fit the needs of any operation. That way, you can focus on your day-to-day business. 


  • Protect workers from contaminated work areas and workspaces 
  • Take steps to prevent the propagation of the virus from employees that may be infected from outside sources.


As part of its initial efforts, Momentum Building Services Sanitizing Team has implemented the following enhanced health protocols focused on prevention of the spread of the virus: 

  • Any personnel showing signs of fever or respiratory symptoms are not permitted in Momentum offices or on job sites. 
  • Implemented a plan to provide additional cleaning and disinfectant materials to customers. 
  • Personnel has specific instructions on the need for regular hand washing, sanitizing, and keeping their equipment and work areas clean. 
  • All job site personnel are subject to additional situational health screening by Momentum Building Services.


Momentum can provide decontamination services for: 

  • Educational Facilities: schools, early learning centers, daycares, and public and private colleges. 
  • Industrial/Refineries: lunch tents, offices, administration areas, control rooms, etc. 
  • Hotels: customer rooms, common areas, operations, back of the house, etc. 

Office Buildings: small offices and larger multi-level high-rises


As part of its efforts, Momentum Building Services Sanitizing Team has implemented the following enhanced health protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus for all current customers:

  • Changing hours to create social distancing while providing sanitation service.
  • Morning evaluation of employees for sickness through temperature readings, telephone check-ins, and assessment of symptoms.
  • Training employees to increase the volume of hand washing and sanitizing workstations.
  • Deep cleaning high-traffic locations with approved EPA chemicals (heavy focus on touch points such as door handles and turnstiles).
  • Increase the frequency of PPE disposal.
  • Removal of employees from work site if they show any signs or symptoms of illness.


  • Heavy-Duty Protective Suits (disposable)
  • Latex Gloves
  • Eye Protection 
  • Goggles
  • Full Face Shield (if required)
  • UV-Approved Eyewear


  • Momentum Building Services will deploy trained teams outfitted with the necessary equipment and cleaning agent to disinfect common areas of the facility.
  • A plan and scope of work is provided to every customer. Plans include a timeline, production rate, and maps of the facility to ensure all areas are cleaned.
Use Momentum Building Services to get the job done right.


  • Our sanitation teams will be split into appropriate sizes in order to deploy the cleaning agents throughout the agreed-upon locations of the facility.
  • Our sanitation team will utilize the decontamination staging area to begin and end work. The sanitation team will be outfitted in the required PPE to perform the job.
  • The sanitation team will use radios, carts, sprayers, and cloths, to move throughout the facility and the assigned areas complying with all permitting procedures and unit entry requirements.
  • The sanitation team will work together. One person will be hand wiping high-frequency touchpoints (doorknobs, handles, light switches, etc.) while another will spray down—floor to ceiling—with an EPA-approved cleaning agent.
  • The cloths used to wipe down services will be disposed of in the appropriate waste receptacle.
  • To ensure large facilities can be cleaned quickly, each sanitation team can clean approximately 10,000 to 15,000 square feet per hour.


  • The cleaning agent is EPA-approved (#10324-114) and has been proven to combat and kill COVID-19. The sanitation team follows guidelines on the use of the chemical to ensure effectiveness.
  • Our chemical distribution system is fully capable to support cleaning efforts for complete facility cleaning.
  • Handheld units with 365 nm frequency are ideal for scanning services such as desktops, keyboards, cell phones, and computer mice. These items can be scanned under the portable unit with minimal disruption. 
  • Our team will comply with SDS, training requirements, handling requirements, and facility-specific requirements.
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  • Decontamination Staging Area
  • Four-Gallon Sprayer
  • Disposable Cloths
  • Handheld Ultraviolet Lamps
  • Portable Chemical Storage “Totes”
  • Chemical Containment Systems
  • Contamination Bins
  • Labeling/Tagging System
  • Barricade Tape
  • Radios


  • UV light can effectively kill airborne influenza and can kill bacteria without harming human tissues. Studies show that broad-spectrum germicidal UV light with a wavelength between 200 to 400 nanometers is extremely active and efficient in killing bacteria microbes and viruses by spoiling the molecular bonds that hold the DNA together.
  • The sanitation team utilizes the 6/10 rule while operating the handheld devices. This procedure ensures the light is no more than six inches away for a minimum of 10 seconds to ensure germicidal effectiveness.


If you are already a janitorial customer requiring decontamination services—or a new partner that is selecting our services for the first time—know that Momentum Building Services is a leader in janitorial and customer service.


Momentum Building Services can be a long-term partner in the future. Through janitorial, floor care, construction cleans, day porter, or laborers. You can count on Momentum Building Services to saw your sanitation needs.