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How Often Should You Clean the Outside of Your Commercial Building?

The best cleaning schedule will be the one based on the needs of your business. When you’re focused on the day-to-day operations, managing a cleaning schedule may get pushed down your to-do list. But, a professional cleaning service is necessary to keep the outside of your commercial building looking clean and attractive to customers and employees. A great professional cleaning service will work with you to figure out the best cleaning schedule for your business and your budget. Momentum Building Services provides cleaning services and will manage a janitorial team so you don’t have to.


You may need cleaning services for your business at a specific time or after a natural event. Follow these guidelines for having a professional cleaning service power wash the outside of your commercial building and clean your windows. If you arrange a regular cleaning schedule you won’t need to worry about how your building will look on the outside. More of your time will be available for running a successful business!


The benefits of having a clean building inside and outside are important to know for the health and liveliness of your staff and visitors. Here we detail 6 factors you should take into consideration when you are deciding on a cleaning schedule for your business.

Change of Season

There are specific times of the year that are best to clean the outside of a commercial building. It is a good idea to schedule an outdoor power washing service when there is a change in the season. For instance, we are getting into the hot summer months. The trees and flowers have been spreading their pollen all spring, getting everywhere. So do your employees with allergies a favor and plan to schedule a cleaning service during the spring and summer months.

Summer Storms and Hurricanes

We are also quickly approaching storm season. Starting in June, summer storms and hurricanes can happen and damage the outside of buildings. The rain, or possibly even water from a flood, will bring dirt to the outside of your building and deposit all kinds of debris and leaves. It is good to call a professional cleaner to clear away the grime and debris left over after a storm.

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Routine Maintenance

Any office building, academic institution, or workplace should have its exterior, entrances, sidewalks, parking areas, and dumpster areas power washed at least twice a year to help prevent dirt, grease, and debris buildup. A construction site or a commercial building undergoing renovations will need more cleanings because a lot of dust will accumulate. Over time, grime can build up on the sides of your building, and not only does it look messy, but it can also cause moisture to stick to the walls and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Regular power washing will help keep your building looking in good shape, and removing dirt and mildew will be easier.

Window Cleaning

Like power washing, there are guidelines to keep your windows sparkling clean. A commercial window cleaner can make sure your windows are spotless and steak free. The number of times a commercial building should have its windows cleaned depends on the traffic, location, weather, and type of business you have. Also, the size of the building will be something you will want to take into account because that will determine how many people will be going in and out of the building all day long.

Natural Light

Clean windows look appealing and they also let in more natural light, putting all your employees in a better mood. Natural light is vital for people who work inside all day because they will get more Vitamin D, have less strain on their eyes, and benefit from better sleep. Especially important is natural light in academic buildings because students will greatly benefit from being exposed to more sunlight.

office building commercial cleaning

Heavy Traffic

If your commercial building is near a busy street or a highway, this will cause the windows to get dirty much faster. A large, active building will need to have more frequent cleanings. Busy roads create more pollution, and more pollution will affect the air quality. Studies have shown that the air quality will be lower within only 500 feet of the road. Keep in mind that buildings with a lot of traffic should have their windows cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

Save Time and Money with Regular Cleanings

When you clean your windows regularly, it can save your business money. The dirt and grime can build up over time and be more challenging to get rid of, look unsightly, and cause damage. Dirty windows can be hard to clean and may cause scratches or cracks during cleaning. If there are chemicals around, like used in construction, the chemicals can cause damage to the glass and cause it to streak. The longer the time between cleanings, the longer it will take the professional cleaners to clean. If your business has a lot of construction, it will need more regular cleaning.


A clean space is essential for the health and productivity of employees. Also, a clean space looks excellent to visitors! Whether you are in a commercial building, industrial setting, medical clinic, or educational institution, Momentum Building Services has the right plan. Our janitorial services cover everything from regular cleaning inside the building to power washing outside the building and window washing for a super clean atmosphere.


We understand that not every business is the same and all have different needs. Therefore, we customize our janitorial service packages to your business requirements. You choose only the services you need and desire from daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedules. We utilize the latest cleaning technology for an efficient and cost-effective program that works for any budget. Our trained cleaning staff works safely and effectively in office complexes or store locations. We have the proper training and equipment to do the job safely. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services by emailing or calling us at (225) 402-0160.

Momentum Building Services is a commercial cleaning service company. If you’re interested in working with us, please call us at 225-402-0160. Work with us to clean up the mess so you don’t have to. We take our time to make it shine!

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