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8 Reasons why Louisiana schools need to maintain an elite cleaning standard with professional janitorial services

While one might be proud of their children for their growing skills in math and science, there’s one thing students know how to do better than anything else:


Spread germs.


You know the recipe: indoor environment. Close contact for hours. Poor circulation. The only defense against a bacterial assault on an 800-square-feet classroom is a strong, professional offense. That’s where a janitorial cleaning service comes in, an essential trained team who operate as experts in efficiently cleaning and maintaining high-traffic environments.


If you’re an administrator or manager of a school in Louisiana, here are 10 reasons why entrusting a professional janitorial service is necessary to keep your student body healthy.

The Moral Boost

Thankfully mental health has received a significant swing of attention in recent years, and the cleanliness of an environment is subtly a critical factor in maintaining a stable and positive mood. A clean environment helps students and staff feel happy about walking into the school building every morning. Students walking down hallways littered with strands of human hair and dust bunnies are going to respect the classroom just as much as they would respect anything else coated in grime and filth – not at all. Poor environmental hygiene leads to poor human hygiene. A pristine physical space is paramount.

Louisiana school janitorial services

Better Performance

When staff and students are happier, they will perform better academically. It’s not rocket science, but it is social science. Happy energetic students focus better. Better focus leads to better test scores and proud parents. Proud parents lead to a greater sense of community surrounding the school. “Taking care of the little things” might be cliche but it’s true from a perspective of cleanliness. Taking care of a workspace reflects in the work outcomes of the students who occupy it.

Prevent Sickness

This is one of the most practical aspects of hiring an elite professional cleaning service. Students better absorb and learn the material when they aren’t distracted by illness. Routinely sanitized spaces by a janitorial cleaning service helps prevent illnesses that can cause delays in students turning in work. Students who don’t get sick are present in class for learning time. Without a dedicated cleaning team that holds itself to the highest standards, it can be a miserable experience for students and staff who stay home sick multiple times throughout the school year.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Not only is visible dirt unsightly, but it can also be uncomfortable to be in the room with coughing, sneezing sick people. Especially post-Covid, hearing a throaty cough can cause a viscerally disturbed reaction. In addition, classrooms with large class sizes can be stuffy with so many students. Maintaining a pristine standard of cleanliness helps students feel more mentally comfortable but also physically: no one wants to sit in a classroom that smells musty with dirt particles floating through the sunlight.

Good Impression on Parents and Visitors

Anyone who walks through a pair of school doors is likely going, “Oh, so this is what this school looks like”. It’s an immediate judgment and impression. Even folks who frequent a school – they care about their kids’ health and are going to build a representation in their mind to whether this school is acceptable for their kids. Seeing a pane of glass that looks like someone with peanut butter fingers ran their hands along it doesn’t help create positive impressions. Parents are more likely to send their kids to a clean school and an immaculate environment looks great when prospective students tour a campus.

Louisiana school janitorial services

Frees up Staff for Other Tasks

If a teacher who has a master’s degree in chemistry has to come in each morning and scrub and spray down their entire room like a janitor, it takes time away from their duties as an educator and mentor. Beyond the time spent, it’s also detrimental to morale. Hiring a Louisiana cleaning service that is competent and consistent allows staff to come into a clean working space, focus on what they’re paid to do, and feel good about it.

Knowledge of Cleaning Products

Your staff and students probably have a basic knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing products like wipes and sprays. However, to truly keep a high-traffic space clean, there needs to be a more profound degree of dedication. An experienced school cleaning service will thoroughly understand safe and effective cleaning products that will be good for spaces with children and young adults. This is not only their livelihood but their craft – a professional cleaner will use techniques and products that not only maintain but rejuvenate an educational space.

Take one task off your list with Momentum’s Louisiana school cleaning services

Momentum Building Services of Baton Rouge has all the qualities that make up an elite-performance janitorial cleaning service. We offer janitorial cleaning services and floor care cleaning packages that are tailored to the exact composition of your school halls and classrooms.


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