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Post-Construction Cleanup: The Basics

Professional cleaners are an essential part of the construction process. No matter how big or small the project, there will be construction dust and debris to clean up. A contractor will have a lot of tasks on their list, and even if cleanup is one of them, there will still be additional cleaning that needs to be done. A professional crew can take care of those tasks because cleaning is their primary focus. In addition, the construction workers will focus on getting the job done and doing it well, so it is not easy for them to clean up.


General cleaning crews are not recommended for post-construction because the work may become a burden, and they may not have the skills to be thorough and safe. However, cleanup is easy with a professional cleaning crew who can work efficiently and safely in order to finish in just a few days.


Here are the details about what goes into a post-construction cleaning and why it is essential.

What is Post-Construction Cleanup?

Post-construction cleanup is the cleaning done after a construction project. After the job, the construction crew and contractor will do a general cleaning of debris, but a more thorough cleaning is usually not on their agenda.


After construction, there will be many more steps to get the building ready for daily use. The kind of cleaning we do for post-construction will go over the whole facility from top to bottom. It will not mean just sweeping and cleaning visible areas. There will be requirements and our cleaning crew is certified to meet those standards.

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What Are Some of the Areas to be Cleaned?

Cleaning after a construction project needs to be top to bottom. General cleaning like sweeping floors and sanitizing surfaces will not be enough. Here is a list of some of the areas we focus on during post-construction cleanup:


  • Wiping down the walls from construction dust
  • Power washing windows and frames
  • Dusting the ceiling, lights, and fans
  • Cleaning and polishing floors, especially in the corners
  • Vacuuming carpet
  • Wiping the trim and thresholds
  • Wipe out the inside of any cabinets
  • Sanitize areas like bathrooms and kitchens

What Are the Post-Construction Cleanup Steps?

There are three steps most cleaning crews take to be sure that all of the necessary areas are thoroughly cleaned.


Step 1

The first step in the post-construction cleaning process is the rough clean. After the construction project, there will be large tasks leftover, like debris, trash, and leftover materials. This step can be time-consuming and involve a lot of labor. A general sweeping and vacuuming will follow. Finally, the cleaning team will remove the stickers if the construction installs new doors and windows.


Step 2

Next comes a light clean. This phase involves the most skill and equipment, so most general cleaning crews just don’t cut it:

  1. The rooms that people will often use, like bathrooms and kitchens, will be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. A professional cleaning team will clean sinks, toilets, windows, and the outside and inside cabinets.
  3. The cleaning of windows, glass, doors, walls and trim will be on the list.

Step 3

The final step is the touch-up phase. In this phase, the hard work is done, and the building or facility will be almost ready for inspection. The final dust cleaning will be done and is an essential step because dust can settle anywhere and get into anything like vents and cabinets. The specialized cleaning crew will pay more attention to the final clearing of dust and wiping off any imperfections like smudges and fingerprints.

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Why is Post-Construction Cleanup Important?

Post-construction cleanup is essential because construction leaves behind lots of dust, and not just the kind you wipe off the surfaces in your home. Construction dust is made of all the materials used in construction and is not natural. It can linger in the air after a project for almost two weeks. While the dust in your home comprises more natural particles like skin, hair, and dirt from outside, construction dust consists of toxic materials like silica and wood, which are dangerous to inhale. Therefore, it is essential to clean up construction dust right after a construction project.


Dust can get into any crevice, and if not cleaned up properly and right away, construction dust can get into the air vents and be hard to get out. Construction dust is one of the most toxic things to inhale, and it can stick around for ages. Tiny particles can get in the lungs and can cause health issues, especially in the lungs, if breathed in for long periods. A post-construction cleanup is not just sweeping up the floors because construction dust can get anywhere. That is why we offer a more thorough cleaning.

The safety of the people working in your building is a top priority. Any construction debris left like nails can injure someone, or construction dust can cause breathing problems. A professional cleaning team has the right skills and equipment to give professional results. At Momentum Building Services, our construction cleaning teams are a highly trained group of people with credentials such as TWIC and OSHA basics. We know how important it is to provide efficient, safe, and reliable cleaning services. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs.

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