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Proven Corporate Cleaning Services for Louisiana Businesses

You’re a busy person with a lot of constantly moving parts in your business. The last thing you should have to worry about is the cleanliness of your office. Day to day operations should be your primary focus. So let us ease your mind. Partner with Momentum Building Services for superior corporate cleaning services. Experience the difference our corporate cleaning services make in your office.


Services That Make The Magic Happen

Show Off With The Right Janitorial Services

At Momentum Building Services, we’re masters of our craft. Thanks to our extensive corporate cleaning abilities, we do janitorial services better than anyone.  All team members undergo safety training to work without problems in any condition. Curious if our team can do work well in your environment? Our janitorial services stand out most in the industrial, manufacturing, and petrochemical fields. To ensure work is being done properly and safely, our experienced managers and staff are proficient in refinery and petrochemical service and upkeep.

Additionally, we offer customized corporate cleaning services depending on the needs of your business. Our team handles industrial settings, commercial buildings, medical clinics, and educational institutions. And in order to guarantee our staff is dependable and effective in their work duties, every member goes through training. From industrial to corporate settings, our staff’s skill sets serve your needs. But before our services begin, a full facility inspection takes place. This way, our staff can completely understand the building’s needs.

Our services also include day porters and executive assistants. Thanks to them, we can stay flexible and work with your facilities’ unique schedule. They work alongside you during normal business hours. They not only clean the facilities but provide more services to reduce your burden. If you have any questions, make sure to get in touch with us for more info.


Start From The Bottom

A guest in your facility notices one thing before any other—the floors. A spotless and polished floor leaves a great first impression with anyone. The same effect occurs with a restored and dirt-free carpet. Momentum Building offers top of the line corporate cleaning services for soft and hard surface floors. Our floor services include floor stripping, sealing, waxing, and buffing for hard surfaces. We also offer dirt removal for rugs, carpet, and upholstery for soft surfaces. Because a floor sees dirt every day, it’s important to make sure it’s clean for everyone’s health.


Focus On Construction, Let Us Clean The Mess

You need a construction cleaning unit with the right skills and dedication. Luckily, Momentum is here to help. Our construction cleaning teams understand the janitorial methods necessary for each job. They also hold the necessary credentials that allow them to work safely and efficiently on a construction site. Want to know more about this? Ask us about our team’s certifications to operate lifts and other machinery. Team members command all site-specific knowledge before starting work. No team member works on-site without complete understanding of OSHA basics. 

A custom construction cleaning plan from us can address two simple things: pre-planning construction costs and post-construction cleanup. Your construction site is in the right hands when you choose Momentum Building Services. No matter your needs, we serve you!


Serving Your Facilities

Experience the difference our corporate cleaning services make every day. And with the current climate, our cleaning services are more essential than ever. Do your business a favor and provide the cleanest environment for your employees and customers. Stop worrying and contact us today! Our focus is on quality, consistency, and customer service. We take great pride in serving Louisiana and beyond.