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Why choose us for your commercial cleaning needs?


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

As commercial cleaning specialist’s, we have a highly skilled and trustworthy team who work hard to provide the best cleaning services for you. Our team will discuss with your company a detailed cleaning schedule that will meet your budget and your specific needs. Our goal is to offer consistent, high quality work and reliable cleaning services with our operations manager available 24/7. We take pride in our work and value customer feedback. Our team at Momentum also provides a regular follow up service as well as monthly inspections to ensure your workplace remains spotlessly clean.

So why choose Momentum Building Services for your commercial cleaning needs?


Momentum will meet your commercial cleaning needs any day and any time, only working around your schedule. 

Financially helpful

Why waste money on purchasing a multitude of cleaning products as well as hiring cleaning staff. At Momentum we have it all here for you, and at one competitive price.

Management Time

As a manager in your business you are an expensive resource, that should not be wasted on managing cleaning. We aim to allow you to stay focused on your business by having systems in place that follow if there is an issue, we get it resolved quickly without your direct involvement. You focus on your business and we will focus on ensuring you have clean premises.


Delivery of service to you is our promise which is why Momentum Building Services highly motivated team of professionals will always arrive on time. We guarantee an excellent service with careful attention to detail, every time.


As one of Louisiana’s top cleaning service provider, Momentum Building Services teaches all of our employee’s business etiquette that all commercial cleaners should know before working on someone’s site.


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