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Why Your Business Needs Routine Janitorial Services

Each winter the holidays pass and come January, it’s inevitable that some physical aspect of your business looks like a dinosaur romped through. You’re busy and things subliminally fall to a lesser standard – we get it.


The most uplifting way to start a new year: be proud of your business, and remove an additional layer of stress by having a clean working environment. Our business at Momentum Building Services is utilizing our professional cleaning services to help you feel that way.


Here are seven reasons hiring routine janitorial services this year will help you forge ahead light and ready to grow.

Professionals train explicitly in how to clean

You might own the restaurant, but you wouldn’t want to walk in during the dinner rush, go to the back, and delicately prepare your own lobster thermidor rolls. That’s why you hire your chef. It’s the same with routinely cleaning your business. You can delegate the task to a team of cleaning professionals who live to make your space feel pristine.

Momentum Building Services - Routine Janitorial Services

Your staff’s routinely cleaned space reflects morale

It’s a psychological facet of business: people feel happier when their work environments reflect cleanliness. Your staff deserves the cleanest environment to work in. It’s easy to let cleaning slide and hard to get caught back up. Having a janitorial service routinely clean your space projects the attitude that you care about your business’s image and the employees that help make it run.

Routine janitorial services work as a well-trained team

An elite professional cleaning service knows how to clean any commercial space because they’ve worked through industrial cleaning courses, OSHA safety certifications, and even knowledge of operating heavy machinery. A well-meshed professional cleaning team that routinely works together has rhythm and efficiency to go with this knowledge. You know when you hire a professional team, you’re getting a crew with complete authority over their tools and who will respond professionally to any situation or special requests.

Professional cleaners know what products to routinely use and how

What this means is knowing one’s craft. An elite janitorial team that routinely cleans an eclectic realm of surfaces knows which products are supposed to be used where and what will bring out the healthy shine in a surface while protecting the material. For example, grout can collect dirt, grime, and mold if you have tile on your floors. A professional’s learned nature is to know the right cleaning products and tools to clean and seal the grout and keep your floors looking brand new.

Momentum Building Services - Routine Janitorial Services

An uncleaned space reflects poorly with visitors

Have you ever walked into a building and felt uncomfortable at how dirty and worn down it looked? A visitor’s impression of your business is likely due to how much integrity the building manager has for the space. If the building manager operates without a sense of routine upkeep, it reflects in visitor perception. On the other hand, if a visitor walks into a building and sees a clean floor, streak-free glass, and recently scrubbed grout, they’re more likely to feel a sense of safety and like this is a business that takes care of its clients.

Professional commercial cleaners are reliable ghosts

You may only realize how important it is to have a reliable routine janitorial service once you don’t. A cleaning team that arrives and leaves on time every visit is both elaborate and efficient. They have a mapped outline of your space that they’ve translated into procedure and routine, and when you arrive, the only evidence anyone’s been there is your meticulously cleaned business. A trained cleaning service is a well-oiled machine of routine – a group of professional ghosts.

Routine Cleaning services help maintenance costs stay lower

You may have seen tiled floors, yellow-grey with dust and stain, and it’s been there so long it’s now embedded in the cracks and edges where the floor meets the wall. Routine consistent cleans by professionals with an archaeologist’s touch keep these edges and sharp angles entirely without dirt or discoloration. Likewise, carpets – they need to be cleaned at least twice a year. There may be other areas you are unaware of that need regular cleanings, like cubicle dividers and upholstery. A professional cleaning service will routinely assess and then address.

Experts like Momentum get your routine cleaning job done right

Let us worry about cleaning your building for you, so you can get back to running your business. Our reliable commercial cleaning service can create the perfect cleaning package for your business with our janitorial services, floor care, and construction cleaning teams. It doesn’t matter what industry – we’re trained, experienced, and ready to partner with you.


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