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The vast business benefits of utilizing professional construction cleaning services

It doesn’t matter if it’s a 40-story apartment complex or a commissioned treehouse for an Airbnb host in the Smoky Mountains – a construction job isn’t finished until the clean-up is complete. Professional construction cleaning services can ensure that your work site is impeccable at the end of a job, but also for its duration. 


Here are a few reasons why a customer’s perception of a business will be noticeably different for the company that relies on a post-construction cleaning service versus the company that does not. 

A post-construction clean-up service provides safety

An elite construction cleaning service works as an extension and a companion to a construction company. Its team members are certified in OSHA basics, inspection requirements, and carry highly trained heavy machinery certifications as Certified Forklift Operators, Certified Scissor Lift Operators, and High-Speed Ride-On Auto-scrub Operators.


Your site might contain heavy hazardous materials such as lead paint or asbestos, or more subtle dangers like loose nails and electrical wires. A certified construction clean-up service knows how to eradicate the danger from sites with the tools they’ve been trained to use through nationally certified training programs.


A thorough construction cleaning service will remove dirt, debris, and any safety hazards, meaning reduced or completely eliminated health risks for your customers.

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Professional construction clean-up services improve air quality

Here’s a common occurrence for a home renovator: they spend a day tearing drywall or placing insulation, and when they go home, there’s a coagulated chunk of black boogers in the nose. This might pass on a personal home project, but a construction business will suffer if clients complain of a residual dust and dirt problem, or worse, they get respiratory issues or headaches due to lingering air contaminants.


A professional construction cleaning service will go straight to their home run bats. They’ll use pressure washing to clean out the minuscule dirt particles, or nontoxic heavy duty cleaners to erase settled particles in tough areas like windowsill ledges, floor cracks, and corners. Then they’ll wax and buff those floor surfaces to keep it immaculate.


There are no half-measures when maintaining healthy air quality.

The quality assurance of a post-construction clean-up service

Professional cleaning companies have three components that assure the integrity of a construction worksite: the team’s training, experience, and technique. This means businesses can rest assured that all surfaces will be efficiently cleaned at the highest level with minimal disruption to operations. 

The best construction cleaning services will already know your needs as contractors themselves. Look on a construction clean-up service’s website to see if they’re members of organizations like the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) or the International Suppliers Networld (ISN).

An elite construction cleaning service communicates job transparency

An experienced post-construction cleaning service will provide you with a work plan for cleaning, trash removal, and a map of how and when it’s going to happen. They will walk your site and relay estimated costs, along with projected production rates, safety plans for your employees and clients, and include “kickoff meetings” to ensure a thorough understanding of the job. 


The purpose is two-fold: the cleaning company demonstrates complete transparency and shows that they have the experience to complete the job within an exact expected time frame.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional construction clean-up service is the move a businessperson makes when they want a job done and they don’t want to think about it. 




A nationally certified, professional post-construction clean-up crew makes a living being perfect for you. Their training, experience, and job planning provide an option designed to leave a business owner with nothing less than complete peace of mind.

Momentum Building Services is the professional construction cleaning service to get your job done right

Let a professionally trained construction cleaning service clean your construction site or house renovation for you, and provide not just peace of mind, but an immaculate space. Our reliable construction cleaning service will work with you to create the perfect cleaning package for your site or home. Our team is ready to partner with you for all of your post-construction clean-up needs. 


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