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Professional Cleaning Services help make Earth Day clean-ups a walk in the industrial park

Earth Day activities are becoming increasingly popular, as more people – and most importantly, more businesses – are dedicated to cleaning up our communities and environment. Large businesses, schools, chemical plants, refineries, and other facilities require specialized services to ensure their premises are cleaned thoroughly and safely. Not only do these services help keep the environment safe, but they can also save you time and money in the long run. 


Let’s look at why engaging a professional cleaning service to participate in your Earth Day clean-up should be a top action item when it comes to maintaining a safe environment.

Reduce Waste and Pollution

The most obvious benefit of using a professional cleaning service during your Earth Day activity is reducing waste and pollution. Companies can work with an OSHA-certified, TWIC-certified team to help remove hazardous materials from their premises, such as chemicals, oil spills, radioactive substances, or simple eye-sore debris against a chain link fence. So whether your business is on the waterfront or in an industrial park, the premises will be clean, aesthetically alluring, and boost work morale for the employees who spend their days in this environment.

Cleaning services Baton Rouge Earth Day cleanups

Save Money

Professional cleaning services can also help save money in the long run by reducing overall waste removal and disposal costs. By quickly removing hazardous materials from the premises, businesses can avoid costly fines for improper disposal of dangerous substances. The members of a professional cleaning service team are OSHA-Certified Forklift Operators, High-speed Ride-on Autoscrub Operators, and Certified Scissor Lift Operators. Whether it’s a stack of pallets or industrial barrels, an elite crew will have the training and tools to safely remove any waste hazard.

Increase Efficiency

Having an Earth Day activity with a professional cleaning service can help turn a chore-like slog into a well-paced exercise in efficiency. Sure, it could be considered a team-building exercise to work together and sweep up trash, but a professional team ensures that all surfaces – especially industrial spaces – are safely confronted with the proper tools, techniques, and products. An experienced team also provides comprehensive PPR (Prevention, Preparedness, & Response) training for employees on handling hazardous materials safely to reduce potential injuries or exposures. 


Along with elevated safety, having access to the specialized tools and equipment of a professional cleaning service simply feels good: the entire facility is kept clean without having to spend time personally gathering supplies for your business’s clean-up.

Cleaning services Baton Rouge Earth Day cleanups

Investing in Professional Services

When it comes to hiring a professional cleaning service for Earth Day clean-ups, consider these several tangible advantages:


  •  An elite service will have access to specialized equipment designed specifically for this type of job. 
  • A professional cleaning service may have access to hazardous material disposal sites that would otherwise require special permits or additional costs on your part. 
  • Some cleaning teams may also be equipped to provide niche services, such as post-clean-up testing, which can help ensure that all contaminants have been removed from the area you’ve cleaned up. 
  • Hiring a professional cleaning service could save you time and money in the long run! 

If your business needs assistance with an Earth Day clean-up or ongoing maintenance tasks, we’ve got you covered! Our expert team at Momentum Building Services uses the most advanced technology and techniques to efficiently clean offices and stores of any size. 


Whatever budget you’re working with, we’ll tailor our services into custom packages to meet your needs. Safety is our top priority, and we’re outfitted with the gear and the trained team to ensure a communicative, thorough, and safe cleaning experience. Contact us today at or 225-402-0160 and let us do the cleaning while you focus on what you do best.

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