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The business space benefits from regular tile and grout cleaning

An old adage goes something like, “The first thing people look at is your shoes.” From a facility standpoint, this translates to: 


“The first thing the public looks at is your floor.” 


Aside from giving a space a revitalized sheen, regular attention to your tile and grout promotes good health, safety, and comfort. Here, we discuss the advantages of regular tile and grout cleanings and how an underappreciated maintenance task can positively impact your facility.

Health and Safety Benefits

Floors harbor allergens, bacteria, and other particles that can trigger respiratory problems or promote disease spread. Tile and grout cleanings help to remove most of these harmful organisms and contaminants, creating a healthy and safe environment for employees, students, and visitors. Proper tile and grout maintenance can also help prevent slip and fall accidents, ensuring a safe and sterile walking surface.

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Enhanced Morale

Whether it’s personal or public spaces, humans experience a greater boost of mood and morale when they exist in a space that reflects care and upkeep. An assessment of cleanliness could be made by asking the simple question: “Would I be viscerally proud to bring visitors here?”


Thorough tile and grout cleaning ensures the longevity of the surfaces. Miniscule dirt particles can grind against the tiles, causing scratches and material weathering. The buildup of grime in grout crevices can cause it to loosen and crumble, leading to unnecessary and costly repairs. It’s like oil changes in a car – regular maintenance of tile and grout prevents damage, extends the flooring life, and reduces replacement costs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A neglected floor accumulates dust and other airborne particles, including mold spores that impact indoor air quality. These pollutants cause irritation and discomfort to workers and occupants. Regular tile and grout cleaning help to remove these contaminants, improve air quality, and ensure a healthy and comfortable workplace.

Increased Productivity

Maintaining clean tile and grout is like your facility’s way of waking up in the morning and meditating for ten minutes. Employee productivity is enhanced by a cared-for workplace because the environment reflects a clean, focused atmosphere. When tile and grout are kept clean, employees are less likely to get sick, which reduces absenteeism. Additionally, a clean environment can help reduce anxiety and stress, leading to better focus and its resulting efficiency.


Clean tile and grout saves you money in the long run, as you get out ahead of costly repairs and replacements due to neglect. Like the “oil change” analogy for a car, regular cleanings of your facility floors are a necessary preventative measure. Doing a little bit consistently now saves a business from spending a lot later.

Regular tile and grout cleaning may seem like a minor background task, but it impacts a facility’s safety, appearance, durability, work efficiency, and costs. Enhanced facility image leads to positive public perception and employee morale. The easiest way to undertake this upkeep is to invest in professional cleaning services that will treat your space with restorative care. 


Don’t let your tile and grout become an eyesore! Our expert team at Momentum Building Services uses the most advanced technology and techniques to efficiently clean facilities of any size. 


Whatever budget you’re working with, we’ll tailor our services into custom packages to meet your needs. We’re outfitted with the gear and the trained team to ensure a communicative, thorough, and safe cleaning experience. Contact us today at or 225-402-0160 and let us do the cleaning while you focus on what you do best.

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