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Industrial Cleaning Services Ins and Outs: Behind the perfect clean

When we talk about anything “industrial,” we usually refer to traditional manufacturing or heavy industry like warehouses, factories, or power plants. As an industrial cleaning contractor, Momentum Building Services cares for the maintenance of these facilities of all sizes transcending industries. 


Many of the materials used in these buildings are tough or hazardous to clean using the tools and cleaners you’d use at home. Our team completes a rigid on-the-job training regimen, receives national certifications in cleaning niches, and plans strategically for cleaning spaces down to the square foot. 


If T-ball looks like spraying your floor with Lysol, then this is the Major League of industrial cleaning.  


Today, we’ll dive deeper into industrial cleaning and everything involved in this process.

Why is industrial cleaning important?

Toxic machinery oil bursts out on the factory floor, contaminating a food processing plant. A high school student rips an Achilles tendon on a dusty stretch of unwaxed vinyl floor. These are just a couple of the endless situations that can jeopardize human safety, lower aesthetic value, and put businesses at risk of legal recoil.   


By enlisting the services of a professional industrial cleaning company, you ensure that your workplace is free from hazards, compliant with health and safety regulations, and conducive to efficient and productive operations.

Industrial cleaning

What are the industrial cleaning options?

Industrial cleaners know a building space the same way a forester knows a type of tree. It’s a niche operation with an experienced crew attuned to years of ascertaining which surface needs what cleaning strategy, and how to walk out of the building and leave behind a spotless space.  


Some of the areas that industrial cleaners may apply their skills include:


– Private offices

– Conference, training, and meeting rooms

– Kitchens, cafeterias, and other eating areas

– Loading docks (including shipping and receiving)

– Storage spaces (such as shelving and racking)

– Warehouse, production, and manufacturing floor areas

– Employee lounges and locker areas

– Mechanical equipment

– High-level vacuuming and dusting (ceilings, fans, lights, conduit, etc.)


At Momentum Building Services, we develop a customized work plan that outlines the most effective approach for each space before working the facility. This plan also includes training for any new materials or equipment needed for maintenance. We approach a job with transparent communication with the client at each stage of the job, like a contractor with a house, affirming to the owner or manager that the operation is safe, immaculate, and efficient.

What is the role of an industrial cleaner?

Maintaining equipment inside manufacturing facilities requires specialized knowledge, protective clothing, and safety gear to handle contaminants like dust, rust, metal fragments, glass, and chemicals. For example, an industrial cleaning team knows innately that OSHA requires any person using a pressure washer above 2,000 psi to wear a full face shield. Nuances like this comprise the array of knowledge explicit to the industrial cleaning trade. 


Being an industrial cleaner means much more to consider than just dusting. It requires:


  1. Good health and fitness
  2. Proper training to handle specific materials
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. Teamwork and collaboration
  5. Willingness to wear appropriate protective clothing
  6. Situational awareness of environmental hazards 

Beyond the intangibles, an elite industrial cleaning team has its members nationally certified as pressure washers and forklift operators, with cleaning certifications from the IJSCA (International Janitorial Services Association). 


Our experienced teams are well-equipped to handle any cleaning challenge. They receive comprehensive training, ensuring utmost care around your valuable equipment.

Industrial cleaning

How can industrial cleaning help your business?

By maintaining a clean and safe working environment, you can boost employee morale, improve productivity, and enhance the overall reputation of your organization. On the year-end bottom line, protect your employees from hazards and ensure compliance with regulations, saving you money on legal fees and insurance premiums.

Who to call?

Choosing the right industrial cleaning company is essential for the success of your organization. By working with a reliable and experienced company, ensure your workplace is safe, compliant, and conducive to efficient operations. 


Momentum Building Services is a Prairieville-based company proudly serving our Louisiana friends and neighbors with top-notch products and services. Our dedicated team is always prepared, equipped with safety gear, and knowledgeable in equipment management and maintenance.


If you want to learn more about industrial cleaning, email us at or call us at (225)-402-0160. We’re here to help!